World ocean’s day at the Port d’Armor: marina cleanup and raising awareness about marine environments!

Divers from Saint-Quay-Protrieux’ diving clubs (the Narco Club, the Épave, and the Sud Goëlo), have removed over 300 kg of waste  mainly comprising of crab traps and marine debris of plastic and glass  from the port’s seabed. The following day, students from local primary and high schools were sensitized to marine environments and their protection thanks to the many speakers that came  Pierre Cotin from the Narco Club, Florian Bargat of Litt’Obs, and inspectors from the French coastal unit of maritime affairs (Unité Littorales des Affaires Maritimes). A visit to Saint-Quay-Portrieux’ search and rescue lifeboat organisation, the SNSM, was also on the cards!

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