Mooring fees

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Charges for holders of usage guarantees

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  • adult bike
  • electric bike
  • baby/ child seats (subject to availability)

2€ for the first two hours, then 2€ per additional hour

5€ for the half-day

 5€ (credit card only)

3€ (credit card only) 

1€  the 1.5L bottle

Stopovers of a few hours during the day are half price

Towing a boat inside the marina is 25 €

Towing a boat outside the marina (to the handling area of Port es Leu), is 45€


A recharge of 6 handling operations is 75€

Registration for a training session is 120€ per person

Customers wishing to have a fender installed on their berth by the marina are charged 35€, which also includes the fixings that are adapted to the pontoon

The supply of the fender remains the customers responsability

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