Waiting list. It’s time to renew your application !

If you are actually registered on the waiting list in order to get an annual berth in Saint-Quay Port d’Armor, like every year, you have to renew your application if you want to remain on the list. You have to do it exclusively on our website www.port-armor.com, “waiting list » tab, right below on the home page. Application renewal must be done until the 31st December 2013 at midnight. After this time limit, access to the renewal application will not be possible anymore. Please use the login and password that you have received on the occasion of your first time application, or when you renewed your application last year, or the new password choosen by yourself when you got connected. In any case, please make note of it. If you have lost your password, please look at FAQ. A payment of Euro 15 is required to renew your yearly application, which will be charged online on your banking card.